About us

UPT is a professional powder and granular equipment research and development manufacturing company. provide multi-directional solutions in pneumatic conveying systems, mechanical conveying systems, etc.According to the current demand of the customer's use, provided the suitable equipment . Users' actual use, research and development or improvement, from multiple perspectives solve the situation during use.


The products of UPT are all manufactured in Taiwan, not just for services local customers in Taiwan, such as: Formosa Plastics, Chang Chun Group, Far East Group ..., Also provides products to the United States, China, Japan, Thailand ...high quality product. UPT has more than 20 years of experience and is here the excellent team of professional production, manufacturing and R & D in the industry directly faces customers, provide the most professional consulting services and after-sales services. In addition to providing and improving rotary valves, diverter valves, gate knife valves and other products, new products have also been developed. such as mechanical conveyors, homogenous feeders, etc., provide customers with diversifications choice. It also provides design and planning of conveyor systems.


In addition, UPT also agent many high-quality powder and granular equipment.Such as: classifier and air cannon of Japan SEISHIN company, automatic packaging machine from JPP Japan, Hitachi oil-free air compressor。 Welcome to inquire and advise.